Click the Member Registration button to join the programme, or download the DEFY SPIVS app. After submitting your registration, your proof of identity will be reviewed, whereafter your benefits card will be shipped to the store you are registered with.


  • How the member registration process works?

    You can register via the web portal or our mobile application by clicking on "MEMBER REGISTRATION" and following the prompts. Be sure to have a digital copy of your proof of identity and a digital copy of your proof of income as you will need to upload it during registration. Once we receive your registration request your account will be reviewed and activated. A benefit card will be shipped to the store you registered with.

  • How does the DEFY SPIVS work?

    Sales for incentivized products are claimed for via our web portal or mobile application. Claims are moderated and paid out to an online wallet. Funds can be transferred from the online wallet to the benefit card which can be used to purchase from any point of sale system.

  • How do I get the DEFY SPIVS mobile application?

    From Android devices visit the Google Play store or for Apple devices visit the Apple App Store and search for the "DEFY SPIVS" application. From the mobile application you can register, submit claims, transfer funds and manage your account.

  • I cannot log into the DEFY SPIVS website.

    After you submitted your member registration via the web portal or mobile application it may take up to one working day to verify your proof of identify and proof of income. If you were already registered successfully and you have forgotten your login details, please use the Forgot Password link on the login screen to reset your password. Alternatively contact Support for further assistance.


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